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Duct Tape

1 Ideal for underground pipeline, corrosion & abrasion protection
2 Good resistance to moisture, humidity
3 Possessing outstanding conformity
4 It is designed for industrial or pipe wrapping
5 Colors available: Black or Silver Grey

Double Sided Tissue Tape

1 Excellent quick double-stick. Strong adhesion, tear by hand. A perfect substitute to replace glue for bonding purpose.
2 Non-deteriorating. Applicable to decoration, postal service & laminating
3 Ideal for holding and joining of light weight items in office and house application
4 Various sizes & grades available

Double Sided Foam Tape

1 Excellent shock resistance. Heat insulating. Double stick. Ultra flexibility. Wide range of bonding application.
2 Sticky on both sides of tape, suitable for wall-mount pictures.
3 Decorations and can be used on most types of walls, ceramics tile and wood surface that are clean, dry and smooth. Can be stamped to various shapes.

Reinforced Paper Tape

1 Laminating with fiberglass, specially for reinforced purpose. Very high tensile strength. High adhesion. Good packaging results.
2 While maintaining same quality as those of conventional kraft paper tape.
3 This tape with fiberglass backing is designed for heavy packaging in economical way.
4 High resistance to abrasion while transporting.
5 For export packing as well
6 Brown colour
7 Environment friendly. Temper proof
8 Printed version also available

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