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Capcell HD 100

The most compressible filler board for expansion joints

The most compressible filler board for expansion joints Capcell HD100' is a high performance crosslinked, pre-moulded, compressible joint filler board. It is readily compressible filler board that ensures low load transfer. ‘Capcell HD100’(expansion joint filler board) is a non-bituminous superior alternative to bitumen boards.

1 Structural expansion joints in concrete brick and block work
2 Isolation joints to infill panels
3 Bridge decks, abutments, pier hinge joints, etc
4 Expansion joints in concrete highways, airport runways, taxi tracks, etc
5 Expansion joints in parking areas, industrial flooring etc
6 Water retaining and water excluding structures

1 Negligible water/moisture absorption
2 Resilient
3 No water leakage throughout lifespan unlike other filler boards
4 Excellent chemical resistance
5 Thermal stability (-400 C to +70p C)
6 Non-staining, non-impregnated, non-bleeding
7 Environment friendly
8 Easy to use – can be cut with knife for easy installation
9 Rot-proof and bacteria resistance – no external treatment required before installation

1 Closed cell hence negligible water / water vapour absorption
2 Resilient
3 Resilient - recovers more than 96%
4 Excellent chemical resistance
5 Thermally stable(from - 40 °C to + 70 °C)
6 Bitumen free
7 Easy to use
8 Rot proof and bacteria resistant

Technical Details
Density 100 kg/m3 ± 10%
Water absorption 0.080 kg/m2 max
Compression deflection and recovery without weathering Min 94%
Compression deflection and recovery with weathering Min 92%
Extrusion 3mm max
Alkali resistance No effect observed
Weather test No disintegration

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